The Bakehouse closed it's doors forever June 15, 2014

It has been bought by our friend's next door at Strange Brew. It is going to take them several months to remodel, but they will eventually open a new 24 hour cafe with a full bar.

Thank you so very much for keeping us open for the past 31 years.

It's been a hell of a run.




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  Take your taste buds on a global adventure! You can do it at The Bakehouse. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, French, Japanese, Morrocan, Indian, Swiss, and don’t forget Cajun and Texan! You can take a journey around the world, and never leave your booth!

It's Oktoberfest year 'round at The Bakehouse.  We have an extensive offering of German specialties, as well as a good selection of German beers and wines.  Or try a Spaten Oktoberfest on tap.  Only $4 for a tall 20oz draft. We also add more specialties during the traditional Oktoberfest time of September and October.  Come enjoy a hearty German meal and drink a tall one out in our biergarten.

Everything at The Bakehouse is made from scratch for the best taste possible. That also means, for those with special dietary needs, that we can tell you what is in every one of our dishes.

The Bakehouse means different things to different people. Some come for the full multi-course dinner experience with a unique appetizer, cocktails from our full service bar, a salad, entrée, and then topped off with one of our special desserts. Others come for the best burger in town. Some come in suit and tie and some in shorts and tees. Whatever your style, everyone feels comfortable at The Bakehouse.

Finally, don’t forget breakfast at The Bakehouse. You get the best pancakes in town, and fresh hollandaise from scratch on the Eggs Benedict. Not many places make their hollandaise from scratch, and you will taste the difference. Breakfast is served late, until 3pm, everyday.  Our lunch menu is available at 7am as well. If you are getting off work at 8am and want a burger and a beer, we are your place!

Join us for Happy Hour Monday through Friday, 3pm - 7pm.  Discounted drinks and half price appetizers make it a special time.  Try some of our special  German beers. We have a lovely deck available for you smokers too.

So come see what all of our many loyal customers have been experiencing since 1983. You’ll be glad you did. Remember, The Bakehouse is what you’re hungry for, when you don’t know what you’re hungry for.

 But don't take our word for how great we are.  Read some of the reviews that have been in various media. Take into account that some menu items and prices made have changed since these were published.

Food critic and radio personality Rob Balon:

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